Activities & Outputs

Work packages in brief

  • Work package 1 - Project Management

    WP1 is responsible for project management and administration. In this WP the partnership agreement, project plan and virtual project room are established. This WP has the responsibility for a solid communication structure that provides an efficient information flow between partners. The WP leader will ensure that all work concerning the project is aligned.

    Activity output
    The project kick-off for SNOwMan was held over 2 days at VIA University College in Aarhus in November 2017. The kick-off was attended by all 13 partners and was the first time the SNOwMan partnership all met in person.

    Read more about kick-off and watch the video here.

  • Work package 2 - Point of departure

    In WP2 the methodology guideline will be developed with focus on assuring the quality of the outputs. WP2 is responsible for carrying out an online survey of 200 business intermediaries and 80 interviews with SME owner-managers across the partner countries.

    Activity output

    Methodology guideline of the project:
    In WP2, a guideline for the overall methodology have been developed to ensure logical and efficient connections between concepts and outputs and the maximum validation of transnational and co-creative work processes. The guideline includes:

    • a condensation of existing counselling methodologies that are most frequently used by intermediaries
    • a preliminary concept of a new general counselling tool and supporting tools
    • competences needed and a list of roles and tasks in relation to transnational and co-creative work methodology
    • progression structure and action plan assuring the project’s end focus on achieving results and fulfilling aims
    • guidelines for quality assurance and risk management for all tasks and actions

    Data collection:
    The aim of the online survey and interviews was to gather real challenges related to current counselling practices in the four test-countries delivered directly by intermediaries and owner-managers of SMEs.  

    An online survey targeting Intermediaries has been conducted, receiving 160 answers from five countries. Furthermore, 76 SME owner-managers from five countries have been interviewed about their preferences to counselling and main challenges.

  • Work package 3 - Toolbox development

    WP3 will be responsible for producing, designing and testing a prototype model of a new integrated counselling toolbox. Both intermediaries and owner-managers will test the toolbox during WP3, so that it will be ready for final refinement, materialisation, institutionalisation and dissemination in WP4.

    Activity Output

    Two of the activity outputs from WP3 are guidelines for the 6-step process and the spider web tool.

    Counselling guidelines for the 6-step process have been created to look closely at the specificity of each stage of the 6-step process and to recommend possible advice and tools for facilitation purposes. Based on different backgrounds each individual process may vary from company to company. Read it here: Final guidelines to The 6-step process (pdf)

    The Spider Web Tool is a part of the 6-step process. The Spider Web Tool can be seen as a radar that allows multiple factors to be compared simultaneously. The eight dimensions covered in this study are visualized on the basis of the statements giving by the owner manager and assessed in cooperation with the consultant. Read it here: Final Guidelines to Spider Web Tool (pdf)

    Co-creation of specifications of counselling toolboox:
    On September 11th and 12th 2018 project SNOwMan held a co-creative workshop with participants from Poland, Lithuania, Finland and Denmark. The purpose of the workshop was for the participants to come up with specific suggestions to the specifications and characteristics of the new counselling toolbox. The model used at the co-creative workshop is The Didactic Model CO-IN. The CO-IN model enhances processes of cooperation creating innovation drawing on a Scandinavian tradition. It is based on a cross-sectorial and multidisciplinary approach. With dialogue and the use of multi modal techniques as essential tools for conceptualizations gives a better clarification of the complexity and diversity leading to decision making based on knowledge as common.

    Find the process of the workshop beneath and read more about the model here.

  • Work package 4 - Toolbox production and module development

    WP4: All elements of the new counselling toolbox along with the supporting toolbox will be made operational and ready to launch on the online portal in WP4. Furthermore, a train-the-trainer programme will be developed to train participants in using the counselling toolbox.

    Two of the activity outputs from WP3 are Guideline for Transnational Networking and cooporation and a Business Model Guideline:

    Looking for improvement of networking process and basing it on project experiences, we developed the Guideline for Transnational Networking, again targeting both intermediaries and owner managed SMEs. This document guides users through the process from assessing their strengths and weaknesses, to determining a strategy and action plan and supporting them in measuring progress against their goals. Read it here: Read the SNOwMan guideline for transnational networking and cooperation (pdf)

    The SNOwMan partners have also prepared the Business Model Guideline to assist the owner manager in the integration of new practices in his business activity. Consultant expertise is necessary to assess the current value and to help generate added value in new businesses. Read it her: SNOwMan Business Model Guideline (pdf)


    The train-the-trainer programme and implementation of the counselling toolbox are the first step in the institutionalisation process in business intermediary and owner-managed organisations.

    Read the finnish operational teams plan of training.(pdf)

    Read the danish operational teams plan of training final (pdf)

    Read the polish operational teams plan of training final (pdf)

    Read the Lithuanian operational teams plan of training final (pdf)



  • Work package 5 - Institutionalization and closing

    WP5 is responsible for implementing the counselling toolbox and the supporting toolbox in the partner organisations and owner-managed SMEs that have been involved in the project.   

    Read the strategic plan for institutionalization here (pdf)

SNOwMan supports the Baltic Sea Region

Interreg Baltic Sea Region supports development and cooperation for a more innovative, better accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea Region. Read more about this in the slides or the document below.

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