Project management team meeting in beautiful Lithuania  

The meeting’s main focus was on the measurement issues of the counselling process and the results of the second round tests.

On September 19-20, 2019, the SNOwMan project partners met in Vilnius, Lithuania to review the overall progress of the project including communication and activities. The meeting’s main focus was on the measurement issues of the counselling process and the results of the second round tests. During the meeting the partnership also discussed design, testing and refinement of the online version of the counselling toolbox. 

The partnership were welcomed by Jelena Stankeviciene, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University followed by Stine Holm, VIA University Collage who gave a status on the overall progress of the project. Afterwards Julie May Wulff Nielsen, VIA University Collage facilitated a workshop, where the participants in groups worked on respectively planning final dissemination and the final conference, which will take place on the 14-15th of May 2020 in Aarhus. 

Furthermore, Minttu Lampinen, HAMK presented the learnings and results of the second testing. It was mentioned, that the overall satisfaction with the tools has risen since the first test round. The second test round also provided very useful information, of how the language and the spider web tool was perceived by the owner managers. Based on the results from both the first and second round tests, we will continue the further development of the tool.     

Development of the online platform and business model guidelines

The second day of the meeting started with a discussion about the online platform. Anders Mølbæk, VIA University College presented the platform layout and the participants had the opportunity to give feedback. Aside from this, the participants were presented to Advicer, the company that will design the online Toolbox Portal. 

We also had the pleasure of Sigitas Besagirskas, Vilnius Industry and Business Association who presented the plan for the business model guideline and guidelines for transnational networking and cooperation. He shared the importance a non-technological innovation focus, and making the guideline easy for companies to understand and use.  

Institutionalization of the counselling toolbox and the supporting toolbox

The meeting ended with a presentation of the first steps to institutionalize the counselling toolbox and supporting toolbox.   

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