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Free inspirational catalogue for all

Our inspirational catalogue unfolds the content of the counselling toolbox and the supporting toolbox. 
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Press relase - Final open conference

On Thursday November 12, the transnational project SNOwMan was concluded with a big online conference
Read about the final open conference
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Join The Digital Final Open Conference

The programme takes you through experienced and inspirational keynotes and a presentation of the '6 steps for innovation'-platform.
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Hanne and Karsten on tour

Karsten from Business Hub Central Denmark and Hanne from VIA are touring Denmark. Their focus is on dialogue and counselling of owner managed SMEs. 
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The Final Open Conference

The programme for The Final Open Conference is two days of inspiration, knowledge and experience sharing at VIA University College.
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Train-the-Trainer courses are running

The aim of this training course is to enable intermediaries to consult their companies and boost their innovation potential. 
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The SNOwMan project book is now launched 

The book demonstrates the journey for the SNOwMan project towards the final product.
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6 Steps for Innovation

Business intermediaries can benefit from the toolbox developed in the SNOwMan project.
Read about the 6 steps
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The online platform is taking form

To select the best company, all partner countries sought in their network to find relevant companies to bid on the assignment. 
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Second testing of counseling toolbox reveals that trust continues to be key for a successful process 

The SNOwMan project have been testing the toolbox once more during the summer 2019.
Read about the second testing
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Project management team meeting in beautiful Lithuania  

The SNOwMan project partners met in Lithuania to review the overall progress of the project including communication and activities.
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20 SME’s have tested a prototype of the SNOwMan counselling process

Business intermediaries involved in the project tested a prototype of the counselling process.
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SNOwMan Midterm Conference

On March 13 2019, the SNOwMan partnership and associated organisations met to mark the midterm point of the SNOwMan project.  
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What are owner-managed SMEs barriers for innovation? Business intermediaries share insights 

The SNOwMan project has conducted a survey among 159 intermediaries from 10 European countries. 
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SNOwMan kick-off

The project kick-off for SNOwMan was held over 2 days at VIA University College in Aarhus in November 2017.
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Owner-managers and business intermediaries work together

VIA University College hosted a co-creative workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to make better cooperation between business intermediaries and owner-managers. 
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Owner-managers seek counselling that is trustworthy, understandable and competent

As part of the SNOwMan project, higher educational institutions have conducted interviews with 80 owner-managers. 
Read about the interviews